1 year of SpeedLab being SpeedLab

I normally blog on the anniversary of Kev’s accident. Just to update everyone on where we are. How Kevin is. Just in general. But today I’m going to blog on a much brighter note.

SwindellSpeedLab.com turns 1 year old today. It’s crazy to think about how far we’ve come. I genuinely LOVE my job. It’s not anything I thought would ever be a job but nonetheless I have never been more grateful. WE have never been more grateful. I love picking out new products. I love the days where I need help packing orders. I love the direction we are going with what we are doing.

When I look back and try to think about the bad, I don’t anymore. I don’t remember much about the living in the hospital. Or what those days where we didn’t have one tiny idea about where our life was going. Because at this point life is going. I know we haven’t talked a lot about our schedule or what we are doing race car wise this year but we made the decision to cut back on our schedule and really focus on making SpeedLab a better product. Not just t-shirts but even the race car. Taking Bell to race and picking and choosing the best races for our team…. Working on creating a brand with a race team not just a race team with t-shirts. We are doing what makes us the most happy and working towards successes we never dreamed to be a reality. We are even back to working on Kev. Working on walking and his overall health. I’ll even let y’all in on a secret. He can feel his toes pretty well. To even the extent that he was for sure he had an ingrown toe nail.

I know I get sappy when I talk about this stuff but it’s because of how much I care about what we’re doing and our overall well being. Literally I’ve cried seeing people wearing our stuff. SpeedLab has given us purpose we never knew we needed. I can’t explain how appreciative Kevin and myself both of are for all of the love and support you’re shown us.

The Thank You’s:

Chris Wiser - Without you none of this would have became this great for me. You took our ideas and wants for a site and our “brand” and figured out how to make my life easier. Thank you for all the calls, the texts and answering my a million questions. You’ve become so much more than just a sponsor or mentor. You are for sure our family.

Dylon and Noah - A lot of the designs, social media and cars is them. They have helped us create content and helped make my very bad explaining of ideas into realities. I know Kev and myself are picky and sometimes hard to deal with but I’m so so grateful for y’all.

Dylan, Clint and anyone who has ever showed up to help me pack a box. - There were days where I’ve never been more thankful for y’all to help us. Like the day Clint just came and took orders to the post office and brought back Starbucks. Dylan aka Paul for putting boxes together in the freezing cold garage in the middle of the orderpocalypse which is the month of December.

My friends and family - the ones I’ve sent 100’s of merchandise ideas and pictures to…. I’m annoying I know but thank you nonetheless.

Amy and Pops - thank y’all for trusting us when we asked you to take your site down and just let SpeedLab run it all. I know we asked a lot but I’m so happy for how it’s turned out.


I wish I wasn’t so emotional when it came to this stuff but I’m so damn proud of all of it. Thank y’all for making this all a real thing.


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