Our Story

Swindell SpeedLab is whatever you want it to be. A brand, a race team or even a group of people looking to change the way racing evolves.

Made from Hard Work

We spent 18 months with our life on pause while Kevin was recovering from a spinal cord injury. With not a clear path to our future and knowing our life couldn’t be as it was, SpeedLab was created. After starting as a t-shirt and a few small ideas, we now have evolved into a successful race team and an evolving brand. None of what we have was originally in the plan. We just took chances when we saw opportunity and trusted our ideas.


The whole idea behind the merchandise is the racewear you can wear to dinner while maintaining a higher quality product. We want you to be comfy and stylish at the racetrack.

Loving What We Do

SpeedLab is fueled by loving our day jobs. When you are faced with adversity, you learn what you are made of and have the chance to make your life what you want it to be. SpeedLab has given us that. It’s given us creativity while maintaining our love for being at the track on a regular basis.